shinkyokushin karaté-gi 14Oz competition superior quality

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shinkyokushin karaté-gi
14oz , excellent quality

shinkyokushin karate-gi is a must for all those who practice.

 Essential, the dogi must be of impeccable quality, flexible, resistant and practical. 
100% coton, good quality for practice shinkyokushin, kanji "shinkyokushin karaté" on the jacket and pant.

kanji and kokoro on the pant

size 110cm  to 210cm avalaible.



Jacket & Pants: Twill (100% Cotton)
Jacket : Medium Weight 14oz / 400 Gram Twill Zean Fabric
Pant : Medium Weight  14oz / 400 Gram Twill Zean Fabric

Pant Elastic Waist Size 000 to Size 2
and Drawstring Size 3 to size 9


suit shinkyokushin   20  days 
delivery by DHl or EMS, we delivery around the world anywhere in the world. 

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