Short kyokushin karaté for training fight

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short mma kyokushin

great for training fight or cross fit, cross training.

quality is similar than great brand, same measurement as the short mma venum.

color white or black

size available: S, M, L, XL and XXL 

Perfect for dojo training with your gloves 

(S) 30 (S/M) 32 (M/L) 34 (L) 36 (XL)38

A Waist 30" (76.2cm) 32" (81.2cm) 34" (86.3cm) 36"(91.4cm) 38" (96.5cm)

B Inseam 9.2" (23.5cm) 9.2" (23.5cm) 9.4" (24cm) 9.4" (24cm) 9.8" (25cm)

C Outseam 19.6" (50cm) 20.1" (51cm) 20.5" (52cm) 20.5" (52cm) 20.9" (53cm)

D Leg Width 12.6" (32cm) 12.6" (32cm) 13" (33cm) 13" (33cm) 13" (33cm)

E Split Seam Length 3.5" (9cm) 3.5" (9cm) 3.5" (9cm) 3.5" (9cm) 3.5" (9cm)



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