mas oyama karaté kyokushin bag

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the high end of kyokushin karaté bags, can contain kyokushin-gi, belt, Shin guard, gloves and lots of other things.
bag who to be ideal like trip bag for kyokushin cam or elses.
several compartments with closures:

a big storage on the top of bag,
the principal in the middle,
one zipped pocket in each width of the bag and the
kanji on all zipp

Perfect for storing your dogi and belt

label "kyokushin karaté" in one of width of bag and kanji on the other width.
on the length there is embroidered "mas oyama karaté kyokushin"


color black
size: 80cm x 40 cm x32 cm
31 inch * 15 inch * 12 inch

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